CB8000 system with 2 Hoods



The Year Round – Air Conditioned Fresh Air supply system. High CFM Respiratory System solution – for use with hoods, masks, or ratchet respiratory shield, complete with handle and wheels for system mobility, (2) 100 ft air line hoses, 2 hoods, breathing tubes, belt and clip, dual adapter for 2 man use, and all fittings and connections for easy connect/disconnect.

Air Conditioned Air Supply Systems: CB8000

The Chill Box 8000 offers 40% more cooling capacity than the original CB 5000. Up to two (2) hoses may be used, and up to 200′ each with our standard kits.

  • CFM output–Regulated Speed Control
  • Provides 97 CFM’s at the Exterior Manifold
  • Equipped with an Exterior manifold to allow for the use of multi-air lines, (single or double lines)
  • Under normal climatic conditions, the CB8000 will operate with (2) 200′ Air lines
  • Digital Control panel that allows for Temperature display and adjustments (Ambient/Actual)
  • 110 Volt/ 15/Amp electric requirement
  • Unit measures 23 1/2″ H x 15″ D x 19 1/2″ W — 76 lb unit
  • Powder Coat finish for Long Lasting Durability.
  • Unit is Sealed and Maintenance free (with the exception of a removable, washable filter) replaceable through the Tennessee Chill Box
  • Use with Mask, Hood or Ratchet Respiratory Shield applications
  • Limited 1 year Warranty
  • ELIMINATES Compressors
  • ELIMINATES Multi-Stage filter panels, calibration systems, replacement filters, and test kits.

The Chill Box 8000 offers 40% more cooling capacity than the original CB 5000. Up to two (2) 200’-air hoses may be used supplied by the Tennessee Chill.

Tennessee Chill Box supplied Air Hoses & Breathing Tubes MUST be used in conjunction with the CB8000.

Complete system includes

  • Chill Box 8000
  • 2 – 100′ Air Line
  • 2 – Hoods
  • 2 – Breathing Tubes with Belt/Clip
  • Wye adapter
  • Telescoping Handle


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