Portable Air Supply System

Maintenance Made Easy


As often as you feel necessary for system performance. (At least once a month)
Air- Spray your side vents from overspray and debris with compressed air to remove excess debris.
If you are experiencing your system not cooling as you think it should, take a few minutes to clean your front and rear coils! It is beneficial to the life and performance of the system.

  • Remove front black foam filter.
  • Tip box forward a bit by grasping at the top of the unit and tip top towards you.
  • Take a garden hose with a very light spray and start at the top of the coils working your spray from side to side from top to bottom of the coils. Front and Back!
  • TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTION –NOT to saturate the electrical control panel area to the left since it contains technical wiring and may result in a short in the system.
  • Take an air hose and gently blow out any excess water that has accumulated within the coils. Tilt unit to expel any excess liquid in the lower pan.
  • Replace black front foam filter, and restart system. You should notice a significant change in cooling temperature


The Tennessee Chill Box is cooled by a coolant known as 410A which contains lubricants. As the outdoor temp decreases, the viscosity increases creating the slow flow of the lubricant. When the internal pressure drops, the system will attempt to work harder to pump the coolant.
The refrigerant in the Chill Box will be at the freezing point or below, that will in turn lead to a build -up on the evaporator coils. Constant freezing and thawing of the coils will soon lead to failure of the unit displaying visible ice build -up on the copper lines and condensing coils. The more ice build- up, the more restricted the airflow, which could cause the unit to disperse warm air at the manifold or cause the unit to shut down.
At temperatures below or around 68F, the compressor may start to make strange noises. This is caused by the refrigerant entering the compressor as a liquid rather than vapors. Our system is designed to run on refrigerant vapor which is compressible, liquid is not. If the AC compartment of the system is turned on and is run below temperatures that the Chill Box recognizes as less than compatible, you will notice freeze up on the coils. Please use only the Fresh Air upper chamber on COOLER days to avoid damage to your system as well as COIL freeze up.


  • Be sure your Front Filter is Clean.
  • DO NOT USE the circuit breaker switch on the power cord as the On/Off switch.
  • DO NOT have a “Y” or hoses attached to the unit during start up.
  • A 20amp power supply is recommended, yet a 15amp source is fine. Start- up amperage is high at 14.8, normal running is around 9.8 amps. Possible unit shut down if the blower motor is running at maximum CFM capacity or utilizing the wrong start up guidelines.
  • Frost or Ice on the interior components will result if the failure to move ample air flow thru the unit. This system is designed for two men. A Single Hose application of 100’ to one end user may still require a “Y” attachment. This will allow for the single line usage with a ball valve on the opposite side of the “Y”.


Top Blower Controls OFF!   -  Connect power cord to a 120 VAC/ 60 Hz power supply.

  • Press LEFT Top Button FAN MODE to HIGHEST Setting
  • Press RIGHT Top Button AC MODE to HIGH and Lowest Temp of 61 degrees (Arrows Up and Down control Temp).
  • Listen for the AC compressor to start up on the left side of the unit, this normally happens at once, but may be delayed for a few minutes.
  • When the AC compressor starts, immediately go to the upper black ON button and press to the ON position.
  • Go left of black button and turn the silver speed control dial to 11:00 o’clock.
  • Allow entire unit to run for 5 minutes, which allows the upper chamber to chill and keep the blower motor cool. Also allow hoses to cool down.
  • Attach main trunk air-line, breathing tube with hood or mask, and then adjust recommended blower speed control setting up to 11:00 if running AC Max speed, If not using the AC compartment, you may adjust speed control to what is needed to end user/users.