Portable Air Supply System

Maintenance Made Easy


Clean Coils as often as you feel necessary for system performance, at a minimum—BI-WEEKLY!

If you are experiencing your CB8000 system not cooling as you think it should take a few minutes to clean your front coils! It is beneficial to the life and performance of the system.

  • Remove front black foam filter.
  • Tip box forwards a bit by grasping at the top of the unit and tip-top towards you.
  • Take a garden hose with a very light spray and start at the top of the coils working your spray from side to side from top to bottom of the coils.
  • CAUTION… TAKE EXTRA PRECAUTION—NOT to saturate the electrical control panel area to the left since it contains technical wiring and may result in a short in the system.
  • Take an air hose and gently blow out any excess water that has accumulated within the coils.
  • Replace black front foam filter and restart system. You should notice a significant change in cooling temperature.