LAUNCH 2023 with Higher Productivity & Profits

Increase your company’s productivity and profits by using the One and ONLY cool air respirator system the industry has come to rely on and trust.

Putting your Workers at Risk Reduces Productivity: 

Heat stress and/or lack of fresh, cool air is the main contributor of worker fatigue, exhaustion, and heat stroke. Hot ambient working conditions put your work force at a disadvantage resulting in reduced productivity and profits. Protecting your workers improves their comfort, reduces stress, and increases overall job performance.

Be in the Know:

Don’t be fooled by other products, such as cooling vests or cooling tube devices to protect your employees fully from the consequences of working in a hot environment. Our system also guards and protects workers from harmful vapors and contaminates.


Our Respirator System was Voted Number One:

The ONE and ONLY Tennessee Chill Box Dual Air-Conditioned respirator system was voted the #1 Respirator System among users in the industry. No Fit test required for masks or hoods. We have many new options for headgear to accommodate various industries. Visit our website to see all our products www.tennesseechillbox.com.

Important Features of the Chill Box Respirator:

Chill Box HEPA Filter available for the system. Our system is available with the NIOSH (the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) hose attachments as well as the original Tennessee chill Box hoses. Both are tested and approved to provide a reliable, fresh, blower-driven, cool air environment. 

Our system allows you to turn off the air-conditioned compartment for those cooler days but keeps your workers productive with the 92-100 cfm’s of air supplied by the Chill Box. Equipped with cool temperature, as low as 50 degrees, it delivers cool fresh air from the manifold of the Chill Box, maintaining body comfort as cool as your head with the additional Cool Breeze Dual Air Line for the suit. It circulates air within your Tyvek suit maintains a comfortable body temperature which translates into longer, sustainable workdays and increased profits. 

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