Heat Illness

Prevention Guide

By Gary Auman

Just a few days ago, President Biden directed OSHA to develop a standard that will cover heat illness prevention. While OSHA goes about the rule-making process, remember that it has been mostly successful in enforcing heat illness prevention under the General Duty Clause, Section (a)(1) of the OSH Act, which REQUIRES all employers to provide their employees with a workplace free of hazards causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm. HEAT ILLNESS meets that criteria.

Acclimatization to the environment or heat is the first step in managing and preventing Heat Illness is the largest factor working against employees.

This article is on its way to employers and many of you are experiencing cooler and colder temperatures, but those in the South may be confronted with heat illness year round.

The Tennessee Chill Box is an answer to all the preventions concerning the OSHA issues with Heat Illness.

Furthermore, it is a Year-Round Fresh Air System working for you and your employees. Offering 92- cfm’s of Fresh Breathable Air (Cool when you need it to be) and a large benefit of Non-Compressed air. This powerful lifesaving system is a must for any employee to remain safe under the new OSHA standards. Give us a call soon with any questions you may have and know you are in complete compliance for the new standards for heat Illness.