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Chris McKinney, Supervisor for the Production Department at the Tennessee Chill Box.


Jeff Keel Operational Production Assistant at the Tennessee
Chill Box LLC

An Innovative Respirator System Designed By Experts

At Tennessee Chill Box LLC, we are equipped with experienced and dedicated workers. Our attention to detail approach allows us to deliver favorable results for our customers. With over more than a decade of experience, we ensure to comfort our users' minds with our exceptional work.


NIOSH requires a minimum of 4 CFM for mask application and 6 CFM for Hood Respirators, with a maximum 15 CFM to the end user. The Tennessee Chill Box produces almost 100 CFM at our exterior manifold, or point of connection, for single or multiple line usage/extra hose length usages.

The CFM required by NIOSH/OSHA is controlled by the system’s speed switch.

The breathing air provided to you by your fresh air respirator might be good safe air, but is there enough of it being delivered to you to keep you safe while working in a construction environment? Chances are… there might not be, causing you to experience the lack of breathable fresh air, cool air, and low CFM’s while performing your task in the Industry.

CB8000 is the answer!

Tennessee Chill Box LLC

Matt Mader from Mader Insulation LLC, (Kilkenny, MN), Spray Foam Magazine’s Contractor 2020 Winner.

Tennessee Chill Box donated a complete 2 Mask system for the Winner of the 2020 contest.

Here, Matt Mader displays the Chill Box as part of his life saving respirator while on the job. Even though cooler temperatures are part of Minnesota weather during a large part of the year, this respirator STILL offers year round comfort delivering Fresh Air during the cooler months and Air Conditioned- Fresh Air during the warmer months.

Matt lives by his successful motto: “Failure is Not an Option”, and the Tennessee Chill Box totally agrees!

Congratulations Matt!

2022 Runner Up Winner For Spray Foam Magazine And The Winner Of The Tennessee Chill Box System


Eric knows a thing or two about Nebraska weather and the toll it can take on a day's work. Winner of the Chill Box for 2022, Eric displays his dedication to his Midwest Spray Foam Company, keeping in mind his employees are like family to him and his motto is to "Leave the workplace tidier than they found it". The Chill Box respirator system is helping with the pains of everyday work life and the comfort of knowing the crew is breathing fresh breathable air EVEN in the cooler months of Nebraska!

Congratulations Eric!




Sincerely, Gregory Curry All Florida Insulation (407) 260-2525 Office (407) 415-6307 Cell greg@allfloridainsulation.com


You have never used anything like this product. Don’t allow yourself to be unsafe while your working. We do roofing and have used this product for years. It’s a MUST! Lifesaver! We use it year-round even though it keeps you extra cool in the hot months. The Customer Service Department and warranty department are A-1!!! Can’t say enough about the Chill Box.


We ordered a Chill box and have never been happier. This system is the BEST thing I have ever spent money on in my company. I have increased my profits and kept my workers safe and happy! I am purchasing my 2nd one this week. We do insulation removal and roofing. The Chill Box lady who owns the company is so personable it makes the whole buying process super easy! You can also purchase online. Save your business -Save your workers. Buy yourself the Chill Box!

Eric Braddock Erie PA

100 % A-1 COMPANY

My company purchased a Chill Box 5 years ago. The system is still operating perfectly. Our company has grown and we are purchasing another. This is a Magnificent system and the staff at the Chill Box are awesome, friendly and professional.

B Rollins


Do yourself a favor, do not go another day without using Tennessee Chill Box. Besides that their customer service is awesome! The warranty department is right on the ball. I cannot say enough about this company. We use this system on a daily basis for roofing and sprayfoam insulation. Thank you Chill Box for all the safety and comfort you provide for ALL workers.

Bill Rustering Eugene, OR


Bought 3 Chill Boxes from the Tennessee Chill Box. The customer service is amazing as well as the product. We are painters and this system serves us quite well. We actually use it year-round, not just in the warmer months. Do yourself a favor. This thing is awesome.

Willie Somers Pittsburg, PA

Tennessee Chill Box Company is the “BOMB”. This is an “A+” Company to work with. I was amazed to find out that Allegro is Private Labeling their system for use with the Niosh hoses ONLY. I didn’t believe for a minute that anyone could build something so unique. TCB sells it all hose attachments.
Serena, the owner, is so helpful and considerate of your needs as an industry user. This machine is a ”KNOCK OUT” life saver. I could not paint without it. And I won’t. Call them!

Brad Wonderly, Pittsburg Pa

I purchased my 5th system just last week. I don’t have to tell you that this is a 5 STAR company to work with. The Chill Box is a Patented Masterpiece. I do asbestos removal and it is the only system that I can actually breathe with. I love the COLD air you get from it during the warm months I use it.

Mitch B, Utah

BUY ONE or TWO or Three! You won’t be sorry.

Mary B, Ohio

We have been purchasing the Chill Box since they began back in 2009 on the market. Awesome to work with. Offer great discounts certain times of the year. The lady that owns this business is top notch and quite personal.

James N, Arizona

My buddy bought one of these machines and I tried it out before purchasing mine. I should of done it 2 months ago. I am a spray foam sprayer and doing three times the work since I can stay in the attic forever while on the job with the cold air it delivers.

Mario V, Texas



The Customer Service with the Tennessee Chill Box is TOP of the line. Even through these trying times, this company stands ahead of anyone I have ever worked with. Plus the quality of their system is ahead of its time. Awesome!!

Chuck Nibsome, Carlisle, VA

I purchased a system years ago and it is just now starting to not cool. This Chill Box is the Way To Go! Don’t Cheat yourself with the other crap stating to BE the COOL system. This is the ONLY one to buy. And the Allegro “COLD AIR SYSTEM” is The TENNESSE CHILL BOX. (Private labelling with the Niosh hoses ONLY) Tennessee Chill Box IS the Only Manufacturer of this awesome machine. They are Johnny on the SPOT!

The customer service and quick efficient service I received with ANY questions I may have, is OUSTANDING. I USE this machine even in the winter months. I love the amount of fresh air it provides.

Thank you TCB for making life easier and COOLER while I am making a living.

Bud Bassing, Manitoba, Canada